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Seven-Figure Revenue and we are just getting started

August 29, 2022
Pressefoto von Lucian Holtwiesche zum Seven-Figure Revenue
Lucian Holtwiesche - CEO, anny GmbH - Blog anny
Lucian Holtwiesche
CEO, anny GmbH
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The sales report for this year's first half once again confirms that anny is demanded more than ever. In only six months, from January to June, we were able to generate 3M in net revenue, which results in a growth of more than 600% compared to last year.

The true success lays beneath

At anny, we measure success not by our revenue, but by the value we provide to our customers.

With our platform, we have already helped more than two thousand companies and businesses to optimize their resource utilization while saving countless hours of their time. In doing so, we have processed an incredible 15M bookings for our customers.

Quantified in money, this exceeds our own success by far. The overwhelming resonance we receive from our customers is what drives us day to day to become even better.Therefore, the product will always stay at front and center at anny. We are relentlessly committed to building the best resource management platform on the market.

We are just getting started

Why do we announce this major revenue milestone, you might ask?First of all, we want to thank all our customers and partners who support our growth and give us valuable feedback.Secondly, we want to make sure you know that we are not stopping here because we are just getting started.Since we founded anny in 2020, our mission has been to make sharing resources stupid simple.

What is a resource, and why should we share it?

Resources surround us everywhere. It's you and me. It's our offices. It's the things we use every day. It's everything limited in time.

At anny, we deeply believe that resource sharing is essential for the transition to a sustainable economy. If we were all using resources more efficiently, we would need fewer new resources to meet the same demand.

How does anny help?

Sharing resources without proper availability management is like selling products without inventory management. It's a mess.

anny streamlines the process end-to-end and removes the manual overhead - so you can focus on the things that matter most.

We think big

anny is built upon four major principles:


anny should work for any resource. We even put it in our name.


Everyone should easily grasp the availability and all the details of a resource transparently to democratize sharing.


Our users always take center stage. The experience of offering or consuming resources should be frictionless and state-of-the-art.


Nobody wants non-binding inquiries. Instead, we give them confirmed bookings and reliability.

We are on the mission to simplify how we manage, explore, and book resources and services. Here's a sneak preview of our plans to revolutionize all three steps - again:


  • Offering advanced and dynamic service pricing based on time and demand. This will allow businesses to optimize peak demand and level utilization across popular and less-popular times
  • AI suggestions based on utilization patterns and current market trends. We will identify hidden potentials and give recommendations on where to decrease or increase capacity for maximum results
  • Multi-Resource Bookings for granular availability control. Easily connect multiple depending resources for even the most demanding requirements


  • Exploring resources on maps. Whether you are looking for a room in a building, a parking lot, a tennis court, or a camping pitch - maps with detailed floorplans will help you spot available resources in a breeze
  • Not all resources are meant to be shared publicly. For internal or exclusive use only, we introduced communities. We will make it easier than ever to automatically connect your organization's permission groups to your resources' access level.
  • This one is huge. With marketplaces, we will aggregate the demand for resources to help companies successfully grow their sharing or services business.


  • We have already introduced one-click bookings. We will go even further with booking suggestions based on past patterns and recurring bookings.
  • To access anny faster and easier, we will build native mobile apps.
  • Instead of booking a resource one-time, you might want to subscribe to it. We have something coming up for you.

We are looking forward to bringing this vision to life by reinvesting all of our earnings into the future development and growth of anny.

We strongly believe that megatrends like new work, sharing economy, and service society will continue to grow and that resource management will become more relevant than ever.

Our vision does not stop at borders or industries. We strive to empower resource sharing worldwide. Therefore we are looking for partners and investors to accelerate our growth internationally.


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